Friday, November 2, 2012

30 Days of Gratefulness | Day 1 | My Husband & Son

I'm thankful - in so many ways. BLESSED beyond what I deserve. AMAZED at what I've been able to witness and experience in this life. I count my blessings DAILY. And am reminded that while I hate that I'm a sinner, I have a God that still loves me anyway. OVERWHELMED with thankfulness in that realm.

It's crazy to think that Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner - and Christmas will soon follow. The year has flown by, and I must stop, in the moment, and remember how GRATEFUL I am for this past year. That's why for the whole month of November, I want to share ONE thing daily, via a photograph of course, that I'm GRATEFUL for. :) There are so many things I'm overwhelmed with thankfulness for.

For Day 1, it's most appropriate, I must highlight my amazing family. My husband and son are my world. I don't believe this life would be as enjoyable without them. I am FOREVER grateful for the privilege it is, to share in this beautiful life with them.

Love this song too. It reminds me of the moments these two have now - and the moments they'll have in the future. So blessed to be a part of them. :)

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