Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lisa + Michael

This is my gorgeous sister-in-law Lisa and her handsome hubby Mike. They were in town last month, visiting from California and we thought it would be fun to snap a few photos.

These two are so precious - and still so in love. Just love them to pieces - and there are many others who do too! They are two people who LOVE without measure, GIVE without reservation, and SERVE others  without abandon. They are beautiful people, inside and out. And I'm crazy lucky to call them family!

And I must say - they're quite photogenic too! ♥ Thank you guys for letting me capture some moments with you!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chicago | 2012

I love Chicago. It's one of those cities that I could venture to every weekend. There is a PICTURE everywhere you look.

My husband and I were recently there for a Mutemath concert, and I must say - the city was beautiful. Something about it this time - maybe it was because I was with him. :) It was magical.

Took a few photos, of course, while we were there - and wanted to share them. :)

There is something about Chicago that keeps me coming back. I can't really say for one reason or another - I just know - I LOVE THIS CITY. And I can't wait to go back.

Love how the sun peeks through the buildings - no matter what part of the day it is!
Millenium Park! Serene and gorgeous here.

The Bean. :) The coolest piece of artwork I've ever seen.

The skyline of Chicago can be seen all the way around this awesome piece of artwork.

The Hard Rock Hotel! So ROCKIN' inside. :)

Little nook/sitting area, inside the Hard Rock Hotel. Ummm ... I totally want to stay here someday!

Bar area inside the Hard Rock Hotel. Very chill. Very cool. Very mod.

It wouldn't be the Hard Rock Hotel, without musical instruments!

Just LOVE this guitar!
The musicians in Chicago are the absolute best!
Mmmmmmm, chocolate!

There is just something about the city at night!

Mutemath played at the House of Blues. They were AWESOME!

The lead singer is Paul Meany - and he's actually married to my cousin! How cool is that?!

The Elephant Castle is an awesome little pub in the heart of downtown. If you're starting or ending the night, in need of food and refreshment, this is the place to go!