Friday, November 16, 2012

30 Days of Gratefulness | Day 14 & 15 | Moments

I cannot even tell you all the amazing moments I've been able to have this past year. And more specifically, these past few days. WOW. I feel so flippin' blessed - and I'm so grateful - yet undeserving. Sincerely!

On the 14th, my dear, sweet friend Amber and I went to see Les Miserables, the musical. The story depicts the trials of a man on his last 'chance', Jean Valjean - unjustly imprisoned, yet given new life - but also running from an uncertain future.

I read the book in college - and FELL IN LOVE. It's one of the most beautiful stories EVER WRITTEN. I feel as though it's a story of love, loss, the lessons of life, and most of all, redemption and forgiveness.

And while there are so many amazing moments in the story - the most important lesson - through the words of the book - as well as the musical, is the power of our choices - how we love - and how life can provide some unexpected twists and turns, but to embrace it all - after all, there are lessons to be learned through trials and triumphs. Honestly, seeing the musical, was a highlight of my year - and being able to see it with my awesome friend Amber, who loves it as much as I do, was a bonus!

One of my FAVORITE quotes from the book? “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” ― Victor Hugo :-)

These were taken on my phone! :)

My gorgeous friend Amber! I only got to use my 'good' camera outside of the theater - although, I wish I would have taken more photos with it! ;)

Yesterday, I spent the evening with my sister Melissa - we venture out - at midnight, yearly, to view the latest film in the Twilight saga. This was the final film - and of course - even in our slightly older years, we ventured out yet again, donning our 'Team Edward' gear and all! 

These moments are some of the best. And I'm so GRATEFUL that we got to share in them. I wouldn't want it any other way! And my sis is a HUGE Twilight fan! So it makes it extra fun - and crazy!

I'm lucky to have three sisters that I get to share life with - and do crazy things like this! :) And oh so thankful my twin and I could share in some amazing, fun moments last night, despite how crazy tired we were today! Plus, we got to see a pretty good flick too!

Grateful for the amazing moments these past few days!!! 

Waiting for the film to begin! :)

In the beginning of the year, my little sister Erin and I photographed our sis, Melissa, {the one on the right in the above picture!} as she is the BIGGEST, CRAZIEST Twilight fan out there. So, we figured, why not attempt to make her 'Bella-ish', post vampire. :) Thought it would be fitting to bring out an image to commemorate the end of an era!

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