Thursday, December 2, 2010

Beautiful Brokenness

My sister and business partner, Erin is one of those people that just have natural talent. She was definitely born with a God given gift to be able to take something so ‘messy’ and ‘ugly’ on the outside (at least what the ‘normal’ eye would say is messy and ugly), and make it not only beautiful, but overwhelmingly breathtaking.

Sure, I can say all of these things because she’s my sister. But, it’s the REAL, HONEST truth. She just gets better with time – and, she’s almost done with her degree in Graphic Design as well! So many talents she has. It’s a joy to learn from her – even when we want to beat each other up! Hey, we’re sisters. What can I say?! :-)

Here are some photos she recently took in Gary, IN. If you’re not familiar with Gary, it’s one of those places that on the outside might be perceived as not so beautiful – not so aesthetically pleasing. But the beauty of life is there is beauty in everything … even in the messes we come across – in the brokenness all around us. Hope you find these photos as AMAZING as I did.