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Saturday, December 1, 2012

30 Days of Gratefulness | Day 29 & 30 | Music and Noise

Music is so cathartic. Any song, at any given time, can take me to a place where I remember someone - or something ... it can take me back to a simpler time ... or help me look forward to the days in front of me. I'm thankful I can hear BEAUTIFUL music ... it's probably something I take for granted most days.

When I was a little girl, I had to get tubes put into both my ears. Well, back in the day, it wasn't as simple as it is now - and well, my doctor punctured my eardrum. I've had surgeries over the years to try and correct the hole, but those surgeries haven't worked. Through time, my hearing has declined - but - THANK YOU JESUS, I can still hear.

I think we take for granted some of the most basic things, like our senses, and never realize they could be GONE, just like that. I'm GRATEFUL for the music - for the noise that surrounds me most days. I'm thankful that I can still hear my little boy laugh - my husband tell me he loves me - my sisters' and I's conversations - and the music. Oh ... the beautiful music.

{I LOVE this song - this group. It's mostly instrumental - but it helps me clear my head and makes me just a little more INSPIRED. Thankful today, and everyday, that I can hear beautiful MUSIC, just like this.}