Friday, September 24, 2010

Don't Stop, Believing!

I was thinking about the road ahead today. Sometimes there is so much uncertainty – so many ‘unanswered’ questions that constantly race through our minds. I wish there was an OFF button – but perhaps that would lend us to NOT dream the dreams that make life worth living. I think EVERYONE has a dream; that ‘thing’ inside of them that keeps them going – that keeps them waking up each day and saying ‘I can do this’.

I know the road is never easy – it’s downright difficult some days. But in the end, I think it’s really all worth it. While I can’t say I’ve reached the end – there is that light that I can see; the light that makes the chase to get there that much more exciting – and the anticipation is intoxicating.

I think we dream our dreams out of pure desire – desires of our hearts, really. Despite all the rockiness on the road to achieve them, the road less traveled seems to be how you can actually get three. After all, when you put your mind, heart, and soul into something, you might fail – but that becomes the catalyst into pushing yourself that much harder – making you stronger, making you believe once again that the sky really is the limit. So keep chasing - and like the popular 80s hit tell us, don't stop, believing, hold onto that feeling! Keep dreaming.

Friday, September 17, 2010


It's amazing how a single moment can bring so much joy and inspiration. Sometimes those moments are hard to come by, but when they do, they completely knock your socks off!

Yesterday was one of those moments. My little sis and I had the privilege of attending the WPPI Road Tour in Chicago and got to hear and meet some amazing photographers.

The highlight of the day came at the end of the show, when Jasmine Star, international wedding photographer and all around rockstar got up on stage and began sharing her story. Maybe you know her, maybe not, but honestly, she has to be one of the most inspiring speakers we have ever had the privilege to hear. While successful and amazingly talented, she also is incredibly humble. She chose to take the road less traveled - and she followed her dreams. While the road always hasn't been easy, she's stayed true to herself and has become an inspiration to so many photographers around the globe.

After hearing her speak, my sister and I were excited about the future. While it's been daunting at times, and failure has loomed, we realized there isn't anything we can't overcome.

After all, following your dreams is never easy - but taking that leap of faith is sometimes all you need to turn those failures into successes - and turn a single moment for someone else into inspiration for them to chase their own dreams.