Monday, August 9, 2010

Models | Nick | Downtown South Bend

Embracing the differences that make us who we are is sometimes a difficult thing. While I believe everyone has beauty in their own, unique ways - many of us don't really recognize it in ourselves.

My sister Erin and I recently had the privilege of photographing Nick. He has a unique condition called Heterochromia Iridis, which basically means he has two different color eyes.

While some might consider this trait a 'mistake' in the genetic pool, we kinda' think it's no mistake at all. It's rather fascinating - and really, quite beautiful.

You might think there is something about you that might not be the BEST quality - or something that perhaps stands out among the masses that you wish didn't - but remember, you were crafted in such a way that you WOULD stand out. You're beautiful and unique, just the way you were intended to be. After all, God NEVER makes a mistake.

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