Friday, August 27, 2010

Reaching the Dream

It's been a few weeks. We are sorry about that. With our other jobs and the craziness of life, sometimes we tend to forget about the things that really make us happy. Like writing and photographing! :-)

Anyway, my most amazing, talented husband Jason is building his own recording studio in downtown South Bend. While there is still much work to do, it's getting closer and closer to being done - which is just one of the MANY exciting things happening at this moment in time.

It's funny how chasing a dream can turn into reality - if we just push hard enough and take leaps of faith. While the road sometimes isn't easy, it's amazing to think that if we just trust in the things that are instilled in us, we can actually achieve the very things we never thought were possible.

I was recently down at the studio, just taking a few photos, capturing all of the amazing progress he and his mates have made - and again, while it's not all finished just yet - it's rather remarkable what they've accomplished already!

Check them out online and enjoy the photos!

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