Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dreaming ...

An idea? Hmm … what is it really? Is it only a thought? Personally, I think 'raw ideas' are essentially, dreams that are resurfacing ... it's kinda' like when in our youth, we have these profound ideas, an epiphany if you will, of our lives when we are ‘all grown up’.

We dream big when we are younger … when we have NO idea whatsoever of what it will take to make that dream come true … yet, as we get older and life complicates things, those ‘dreams’ or ‘epiphanies’ seem to resurface because someway, somehow, they make life worth living … they make mornings worth waking up to … and they surely make for something to fight for … to hope for … so come on already! Stare up at the vast sky, and start dreaming again! Who knows … that ‘idea’ could just turn into what you’ve always ‘dreamed’ for!

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