Monday, July 4, 2011


So I’m thinking about Independence Day - the Fourth of July - what it ALL truly means.

We live in a country where we can have the freedom to do as we wish; the freedom of speech to say what we want; the freedom to be who we are and not have to worry about being condemned in any way for it.

It’s amazing to me that we have such freedoms, yet so many times, we take it for granted.

I’m so thankful for the freedom we have, to be who we are and NOT be afraid of it! I’d like to think then we shouldn’t be ASHAMED either of who we are - we have the freedom, so why not reflect that?

Men and women die to protect this freedom - their blood has been shed for centuries and yet we still don’t recognize the significance of what they’ve done for us. It’s NOT about politics, it’s NOT about democracy, it’s about the sacrifice of one for another.

In reflection, that sacrifice could be mirrored to what Christ did on the cross. He died so you and I could live - could be free - could still be who we are and yet, He still chooses to love us anyway.

In this moment in time, on this day of remembrance of what our forefathers did so many thousands of years ago, I think it’s pretty fitting to understand why we are free today - to thank and appreciate the men and women who are fighting for that freedom still today, and how we can be FREE through the one who so freely gave His life on a cross.

[What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July, than with a few fireworks and 'The Windy City'. These were taken a couple weekends ago, while in Chicago, on Navy Pier. Happy Fourth of July! Celebrate your FREEDOM today and everyday! God Bless!]

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