Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vintage Beauty | Amber | Downtown South Bend

This is Amber. Isn't she gorgeous?! Yes, yes she is. We had the privilege a few weeks ago, to photograph her, just because! 

We teamed up with a fabulous vintage boutique clothing store, located in Elkhart, IN, ModCloset - go check them out if you LOVE vintage wear!

It's so much fun to help a pretty girl, see how beautiful she really is. And this girl is a stunning beauty, INSIDE and OUT. Thank you doll for letting us capture your gorgeousness!

Timeless beauty.

Oh so chic.

Gorgeous, right?!

Yep. This girl is BADA**!


Oh so vintage.

Love her beautiful eyes!


Simply stunning.

Fabulous darlin'.

LOVE the red lips.

So sweet.

I'm thinking - movie poster?!

Perfect. This girl has a modeling career ahead!

Strike a pose!

What is she thinking about?!


Work it girl!

Stunningly beautiful.


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