Friday, May 6, 2011

A Bittersweet Change

Life is such a roller coaster sometimes. There are moments where you’re going up, up, up – and moments when you’re going down, down, down. I have to admit, I’m not fond of the ride at times. However, I’m grateful to be on it too.

This week my sister Erin leaves for Denver. For quite some time, she’s wanted to leave South Bend – pursue her goals, her dreams in a place where creativity seems to seep from every angle. Colorado is quite breathtakingly beautiful – there is inspiration EVERYWHERE you look. Therefore, I can understand why she must go – why she must leave this place to pursue those dreams she’s always had, deep down inside.

My selfish nature wishes for her to stay close. While she IS my business partner, she’s first and foremost, my sister, my friend, my confidant. And I think that’s the part that makes this so hard. However, I understand why she must go, too.

It’s strange how things change. Change happens so suddenly some times - Slips in, without you even knowing it. But, change is good. I think the ‘idea’ of change makes us recognize where we’ve been and where we’re going. It’s that roller coaster effect again – the ups, the downs, the changes of life – it’s all connected.

While I wish my sister didn’t have to leave, I understand this ‘change’ is needed – this roller coaster ride is going UP for her – and I’m confident that this new location on the map will bring her even more joy – and opportunity.

But just to make it clear – I’ll miss her more than words could EVER say.

This picture was taken by my dad, at the Battle Creek Air Show a few years ago - it's one of MANY memories that we'll treasure! LOVE my sister - so much!

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