Thursday, May 19, 2011

The 'LIFE' Journey

Such a crazy journey we're all one. It's a beautiful one, don't get me wrong - just can be a whirlwind some days. A beautiful, out of control motion ...

And, well, time is a whole other phenomenon - it's amazing how fast 'it' goes - how life goes in this spiraling, out of control motion at moments. However, I've always thought that it's the MOMENTS that make life so AMAZING.

It's a few days since I've written. I tell myself I don't have time, but in reality, I think there are times I just lose inspiration. Not that there aren't inspiring people and things around me - I think it just might have to do with my motivation. I'm a work in progress on that one ...

I've been reminded in recent days of the AMAZING people and AMAZING moments that make up my life. The most recent addition to our family is one of them - my son Eli. I'm captivated by him on a daily basis. He makes me smile and he fills me with so much JOY. It's really indescribable in words most days. I imagine all you parents out there feel the exact same way about your children. While I love photographing MANY things, he is my most FAVORITE thing to 'capture'.

It's strange to think ... I never wanted to have children. For so long, I was living this lie that I wouldn't be a good parent, a good mother. This most likely stems from the relationship with my own mother, but looking back, my mom did the best she could. And that's all we can really hope for - and shoot for in this world. Life isn't perfect, it's a journey that we embark on, making the BEST and MOST out of it, around each bend, each fork, each twist in the road. Despite the uncertainty of it all, the journey of LIFE keeps us moving and striving for MORE. I appreciate my mom so much more these days - I pray she finds her happiness in this journey of LIFE ...

I write about this idea of 'LIFE' and 'MOMENTS' a lot, but hey, the saying goes: 'write what you know'. And this is what I know. Life isn’t about what you get, but what you give; it's not what you know, but what you learn; it’s not who you love, but how you love; it’s not what you say, but what you do. Live everyday fully, compassionately, humbly, whole-heartedly.

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