Thursday, December 22, 2011

So Really - Why Am I Here?

Have you ever thought about the reason why you’re here? I mean really, honestly, sat down and thought about what it is you were put on this earth for? And, with that, have you thought about why you’re still here? I think about this a lot, all the time actually...

Some of you may know, my partner in business is my little sister. But I also have a twin sister too - along with another little sister! {I am so lucky to have 3 sisters!}

Anyway, when my sister Melissa and I were born, we were born two months premature. I was just under two pounds and my sister was 2.5 pounds when we entered this world. We were in an incubator for the first 6 months of our lives and I have to wonder what was so special about us that we made it? And then I realize, and remember, God knows so much more about why we're here then we do. He knows what we are meant to do - He knows why He breathed life into us and He knows when we fail or succeed.

After overcoming that obstacle of existing, even after doctors saying we just might not make it, I realize that His plans are so much greater then my own. And why not use the time that He’s given me to make something and be something, even if failing first is the actual first step.

Granted, at times, I sit back and think about what could have been, but then I realize what already is, which I am certain, is exactly what should be.

I love the sky. It's one of those many wonders that make me realize how small and somewhat minuscule I really am. However, when I look up and I see the beauty and the vastness of the sky, I'm reminded that I'm still here - privileged to see what I see - do what I do - and enjoy the wonders of this world. While I don't have all the answers, staring into the sky, at least for a moment, helps me see the big picture, helps me see how beautiful this life can be, and I realize, I just need to take my days, one at a time, enjoying all the moments in between.

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