Friday, September 16, 2011

How Sweet it is to be Loved By You

I had the VERY special privilege a few weeks ago, to snap some photos of the beautiful, and glowing Jessica, and her sweet, so-in-love with her hubby, Brandon.

These two were so incredibly sweet with each other - with such genuine interaction.

Brandon is a member of the Army Reserves and the happy couple have been married for three years!

We met at a favorite spot of theirs. One where they watch the sunset often, before heading to their home near St. Joseph, MI. It was an absolutely breathtaking evening.

They're expecting a little boy in November and I must say, Jessica was glowing - not only for the little one soon to come, but also because of her sweet husband, who I could tell adored her. :)

Such a special time for them - and what fun it was to capture them together! I couldn't help but think of the song that has the phrase, 'how sweet it is to be loved by you', after we parted ways. It is a beautiful love, in SO MANY ways.

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