Monday, August 15, 2011

Out of Control

Life is such a beautiful thing. I look around sometimes and marvel in the small things - the things I most often take for granted.

I feel so overwhelmingly blessed most days - but I'll admit, some days I'm overcome by the things out of my control. While I wish I could understand why things happen the way they do, sometimes there just aren't answers. Things just happen - we unfortunately have no control over them - over LIFE.

While there are things out of our control, we don't have to allow those things to dictate how we live our life. We can rise up from adversity - remember that we're not alone - and stare any failures in the face.

At our worst, there is love by our creator - and by HIS grace we can become who we were always MADE to become.

I recently heard a song by Jars of Clay that stirred my thoughts - my emotions. It's called Run in the Night. It's beautiful and poignant - there are a few lines in the song that STUNG:

"All my failures won't condemn me
Or leave me paralyzed and bound
And when I'm at my worst
Your love, it finds me first
By You I can run in the night
For by You I can run in the night"

I don't understand life - I don't understand why bad things happen to good people - I don't understand why we fail. But I'm reminded DAILY that while I don't understand and have to have the answers to everything, HIS love finds me FIRST when I'm at my WORST. And thank God for that ...

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