Friday, April 22, 2011

A Little Self-Doubt - and Lady Gaga

There really are no guarantees in life. Sometimes, you just have to take those giant leaps of faith and HOPE and PRAY that they were the right ones. After all, you have this ONE life - this ONE chance to do something GREAT. While I must admit, those 'leaps' are sometimes the scariest moments in one's life, they can also be the most rewarding.

In recent days, I've been pondering this decision to continue my photography business. With so many AMAZING photographers in the area already, I often question if I'm really just setting myself up for failure. I wish it were easier some days - but I suppose anything that is worth fighting for, is often the most difficult. Plus, photography is a passion of mine - and honestly, I don't want to give up now.

Most days, I have to stop and tell myself to NOT compare myself to anyone. While that's difficult, and I'm sure we've ALL struggled with this at some point, it's truly a GIFT to realize what YOU have to offer this crazy world. And sure, I realize I'm not the best - but I'm ME. And that really should be enough. It's the 'believing it' that always gets me.

I love music. It lifts me up when I'm down - and there are songs out there that really speak to me in moments of self-doubt. One such song is a Lady Gaga song. I know, I know - she's a bit out there, maybe a little strange, but she took a dream she had and made it happen. She drowned out those that didn't believe in her music and she moved forward, making mistakes, I'm sure, along the way. You've probably heard her new tune out, Born this Way. It's one of those songs that makes you smile. It's incredibly catchy and the next time you hear it, listen to the words. They make the song even better.

It's a new day. It's a 'gift' to be able to be here and celebrate LIFE. So the next time you're feeling a little down - having a little self-doubt in fulfilling your dreams, look out the window, look up, say THANK YOU for this opportunity to live another day - and BELIEVE. Believe that you are a treasure - one of a kind - Believe that God absolutely and positively makes NO mistakes. You were 'Born this Way' for a purpose - HIS purpose. Be blessed! :-)

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