Friday, September 14, 2012


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ...

Perhaps that is a saying that you know, perhaps youve never heard it ... nonetheless, we can all relate to what we call the best of times and what we call the worst of times - they are moments in time that seem to cover our minds, our hearts, our souls, they change our lives forever.

Perhaps the recent 11th anniversary of 9/11 can be depicted such as this. It was the best of times, as the human spirit was truly revealed throughout that fateful day, and then months, even years after. The people who helped in time of need, running into danger rather than away from it - many people were enveloped by the support that seemed to echo throughout the nation, and really, throughout the world - the endless emotion to one another of the loss of perfect strangers; it was the love for another that seemed infinite.

After the terrorists took the lives of many that day, the nation showed them they could not take the one thing away from us that still, was so prevalent: our undying human spirit.

Sadly however, we remember the worst of times on that beautiful September day, as extremists attacked American soil, hitting our country at a vulnerable time. The lives lost was unbearable, incomprehensible, uncertain, and most of all, unwarranted. How could someone do such a thing many of us thought? How could people be so evil?

Now, 11 years later, that question and many others remain. However, what also still lingers, is the uncertainty of tomorrow, as nations recognize the world's most common enemy: terror.

Remembering the terrorists attacks of 9/11 should not be merely a day, but a lifetime - to honor the men and women that were lost that day, and now, the men and women who have fallen to the cause of freedom - who continue to fight for that freedom daily.

Despite your views about the war on terror, despite your views about the men who attacked our country in such a vicious way September 11th, 2001, remember that day, remember that moment in time, remember what we lost, but most of all, remember how it brought us together.

{I took these photos on Sept 11th, 2012. This memorial is at a park in my hometown and I just felt I needed to go, to reflect. To remember. To pray for those that lost loved ones that day. It's a simple reminder that we won't ever forget what happened that day - nor will we ever forget how it united us.}

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