Friday, November 11, 2011

The Howell Family | South Bend, Indiana

I cannot say enough about this beautiful family. Nate and April have been in my husband and I's life for MANY years. We've shared some AMAZING memories and some pretty big moments! They're some of our dearest and nearest friends.

Their two beauties, Macie and Emma are little dolls. You can most certainly tell how much they all simply adore and love each other. It's quite infectious. These beautiful girls have brought so much joy not only to Nate and April, but to everyone around them. Each has their own personality and character, even at their young ages. They are beautiful young girls and Macie is quite the helpful big sister! What a fighter too! Both are destined for great things, that's for certain!

Was privileged to snap a few family photos of them - and wow - how gorgeous they are, inside and out! ♥

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