Friday, October 15, 2010

Boys Just Wanna' Have Fun

It's been a few weeks. We apologize. Sometimes life gets a little hectic, you just then have to sit back, take a breath, and really, take each day, each moment at a time.

It's a beautiful thing, life.

A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to snap a few photos of our precious cousins, Cody, Cameron and Chase. While they made us work for their smiles, they were so much fun to be around. They have an infectious laughter and bond among them. And while the song tells us 'Girls Just Wanna' Have Fun', we could definitely tell these little guys wanted to have just as much fun!

We snapped these photos on the lake, where our aunt and uncle live, in Elkhart, IN. It's quite peaceful there - and when you add the mixture of laughing from little ones - it makes the scene, the moment, that much more perfect.

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